• Kiran M

We have purchase department (managers) to follow-up. Why do we need prybox?

We will give you two reasons:

1. Automated smart follow-ups that prybox does are hard to replicate by humans. This is what we mean-

· prybox is programmed to sends follow-ups at specific date/time. If we program it to send 10 SMS’, twice a day at 10AM and 5PM for next 5 days, it will do so without fail. This is something we can safely say, is difficult for humans to replicate.

· prybox is programmed to understand the supplier’s response profile, and send reminders in a fashion most conducive for suppliers to respond. For example,

· If supplier A is generally available between 6PM – 7PM during the day, prybox will send reminders during that time.

· If supplier B prefers to receive an email follow-up versus SMS, prybox will send emails (and not SMS).

· And when an organization has 10s or 100s of orders, prybox can add value in multiple order.

2. Secondly, outsourcing the follow-ups to prybox, frees up time for purchase managers to focus on value-added tasks, such as sourcing new suppliers. Not to mention, reduce the stress and improve job satisfaction.

When technology is cheap and can do a better job than humans, why not use it.